Edge Protector Corners (“KWS”)

Edge Protector Corners KWSEdge Protector Corners (“KWS”) offer protection from sharp edges for ropes and cables, and are available in two styles. They have round openings, through which the rope can be threaded. In this way the weight of pointed loads can be spread across an area, and both load and lashing material are protected.

Edge Protector Corners (“KW”)

Edge Protector Corners KWEdge Protector Corners (“KW”) are used in the lifting of heavier sharp edged loads such as coils. Magnets (optional) make application simple. Edge protectors can be supplied for lifting belts between 65 and 100mm, or for ropes of up to 40mm diameter. The edge protectors can also (special order only) be supplied with a semi-circular opening for the load side of the belt corresponding to the diameter of the coils in coil loads. In this way an extremely even load weight spread can be achieved.


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