At Plum Alti we are able to provide eyebolts also known as lifting eyes, collared eyebolts are available in both short and long shank to the BS4278 standard from M6 ( 0.10 Tonnes ) to M64 ( 20 Tonnes). We can also provide swivel eyebolts and load rings from premium brands such as RUD, Yoke, Pewag and Crosby. Collared or shouldered eyebolts are fully threaded and reinforced with a collar or shoulder. When installed the shoulder sits flush with the mounted surface and offers more stability to the base of the eye and prevents bending and deforming. This design means that these eyebolts can be used for angular loads of up to 45°. Swivel eyebolts are able to rotate 360°. The eye of the bolt can also move around which improves flexibility in attachment. Swivel eyebolts are used in heavy applications and are designed to lift from various angles. All eyebolts and swivel will be supplied with a EC declaration of conformity and will be marked with the size, WLL, ID mark and CE.

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