Round Slings 01Our Roundslings are made to the ENSTD 1492-2, from 100% polyester load bearing internal yarns.

A SEAMLESS polyester sleeving where colour is relevant to its capacity will protect the load bearing yarns. Due to the tubular design of the protective cover, the Roundsling is made without seams, which gives strength to the covering materials, as it has no edges to contend with.

How they are made

The round slings load-bearing core is produced from high tenacity polyester yarn wound continuously to provide maximum strength with minimum weight. The outer cover is also manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarn for maximum abrasion resistance.

Each sling has a durable tag permanently attached. This tag contains load capacities and all information currently required by the various regulatory agencies.

How To Measure

Round Slings How to Measure

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