Round Slings 01Our Roundslings are made to the ENSTD 1492-2, from 100% polyester load bearing internal yarns.

A SEAMLESS polyester sleeving where colour is relevant to its capacity will protect the load bearing yarns. Due to the tubular design of the protective cover, the Roundsling is made without seams, which gives strength to the covering materials, as it has no edges to contend with.

How they are made

The round slings load-bearing core is produced from high tenacity polyester yarn wound continuously to provide maximum strength with minimum weight. The outer cover is also manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarn for maximum abrasion resistance.

Each sling has a durable tag permanently attached. This tag contains load capacities and all information currently required by the various regulatory agencies.

How To Measure

Round Slings How to Measure

(Please state EWL / Circ)


    • Endless Roundsling for lifting standard loads
    • Working Load Limit 1 tonne up to 75 tonne SWL
    • Available in effective working lengths (0.5 metre to 15 metres)
    • Lifts smooth objects without any damage
    • Ideal for choke lifting cyndrical objects
    • Lifts polished or greasy objects
    • Wears evenly along its length for greater working life
    • Anti-cut and anti-abrasion protection available
    • Colour Coded in relation to SWL (Safe Working Load)
    • Factor of safety:
      • 7:1 for general purpose
      • 5:1 for special lift applications
  • Armourtex – Web & Roundslings

    • Chains
    • Wire rope
    • Polyester webbing slings and lashings
    • Safe Lifting Procedure
    • High resistance to abrasion
    • Extremely cut resistant
    • Very good elasticity
    • Good chemical resistance
    • No ageing

    Armourtex chain & wire

    • High structural rigidity – textile sleeve, single or double-sided Polyurethane coating.
    • High resistance to abrasion – Abrasion 60mg (DIN 53 516).
    • Extremely cut resistant – Good protection against cuts is ensured from 5mm coating thickness. Polyurethane Elastomer approx. 80 Shore A
    • Very good elasticity – 450% stretch capacity (DIN 53 504)
    • Good chemical resistance
    • No ageing (If stored correctly – Technical sheet available)
  • Our wear sleeves are manufactured from durable polyester. The sleeve can be moved into position to protect the sling from abrasion and cutting which will help to extend the life of the sling, and reduce the risk of cutting the sling over sharp edges.


    • Protective sleeving for webslings for standard lifts
    • Available for 1 Tonne to 40 Tonne Duplex Webslings
    • Can be supplied fitted or detachable with Velcro


    • Webbing: Polyester
    For more info please call 0161 929 6188
  • Law 6 Law 6


    • The RH-hook comes with a blocking pin, but thanks to the narrow opening it may be used without blocking pin.
    • Grade 10
    For more info please call 0161 929 6188

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